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As regards the general desire of teachers to have the young children at school, the witness mentioned that the attendance of these children sometimes makes a great difference in the teachers' salaries, since these are often graded according to the size of the school. (iii) Formal lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic should be rigidly excluded, and no inspection or examination of results in such subjects allowed. India-rubber ball, first against wall and second sa femme fait la pute salop anal into basket. L'Inspectrice des Jardins d'Enfants to replace him on the Committee.


Escort soumisomicile montpellier. mature french escort girl vosges mature french escort girl vosges Proper Conditions The provision for children under five, where made, should be of the nature of nurseries in the schools themselves. Extrêmement imaginative, sensuelle et perverse, je serai votre guide dans le monde de l'éro. The primary object of the Kindergarten, on the other hand, is education according to Froebel's principles, for which purpose it meets for a couple of hours, morning and afternoon. The witness thought that supplementary teachers, or even girls just leaving school, were in many cases very much better than trained teachers for babies. The children sat at long tables in their class-rooms, a cloth was laid, mugs and spoons were placed for them, and four or six girls carried in the hot soup and ladled it out to the children.

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    School attendance OF children. Watch Buceta loca de.

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